Clipart and sketches on a desk

The Use of Stock Images & Clipart

This article is more related to a small part of the creation of our athletic wear and t-shirts. 

Recently my sister and I had a debate on the topic of using stock images and pre-made clipart. Both Nicole and I have acquired thousands and thousands of our own stock photos over the years and created our own clipart illustrations for our use in multiple projects. Both of us being photographers as well as illustrators have been extremely useful to our creative projects. Then there are times our own photos or drawings just don’t fit the project, or we are on a tight schedule to finish something for a client. At that point we would turn to other creators of stock.

   This is a topic I discovered that was quite heated in the art industry. After doing some looking in a few of my creative clubs and rings, and from other writers on their websites, I started to see that the balance of yes VS no’s was split almost down the middle. One of the groups I belong to on Facebook  had a lot saying that you are a cheater if you use others work in your projects, that if you have the ability to draw or take the photos you should do it yourself. Then there are others that said what is wrong with using the stock just as long as you don’t claim it as your own work?

Honestly I am ok with using stock images, but I prefer to use my own. Then I am completely guilt free on the creative process and I also know that the creations from Nicole and I are original.

But if any of our fans or clients are wondering where we get our resources from we use and we also look for but be sure you also look up the usage of that image and be sure it fits your requirements as some of the images you would have restrictions in place. We have many other resources but these two happen to be ones we use a lot.

But all in all, the choice is up to you and your projects. But as time goes on and Nicky and I build our Sib.Bling Rivalry Design business, with hopes to create an edgy new streetwear, we will lean more towards our own art instead of images that was created by someone else.

We hope our rocker style clothing has a fearless authentic feel to it that keeps our non-conforming clients coming back to collect something new. 

Nicky and I appreciate every single one of you. You ALL are our reasons to keep creating a new limited t-shirt design.

Stay Gold everyone.

Cindy JK