Father Earth Illustrated cardstock


Inspiration for products manifests in many ways

Nick and I both have our own unique approach to building designs. Our creations tend to complement one another as we have similar likes and interests. We have many creative triggers. For me recently, angry weather systems in 2019 had stirred my imagination. The Elemental series was then born. I had envisioned these storms as an entity (with a life of their own) which then translated from my mind, to paper. I like to use mixed mediums with my traditional work and then find unique ways to utilize them in production. I find something that works and roll with it. I was very pleased to see the fantastic response on this series.

I was receiving many requests on my work development, (via Dreaming Lizard Graphics) so I started to record my work process on illustrations.

I hope you enjoy this short video and find it useful as well as interesting.

Stay healthy, stay creative!

Your Friend, Cindy JK