SR, producing products with industry leading technology and quality inks.

Why do our products cost more than department stores?  The printing process that we use is called SublimationWe spent many years looking for the right look for our products and the regular Direct To Garment (DTG) could not offer the look we were going for.

Sublimation printing has a much longer lasting lifespan than DTG. The colours will last the life of the fabric that it is printed on vs DTG. The DTG prints will rub off, crack and fade over time. The Sublimation process has a bright, distinct color palette and has the ability for high resolution images. This allows for us to create intensely detailed images that will cover the entire garment, where as, DTG has only a predetermined print space restricted for each of the items it is printed on.

The Sublimation process first takes our designs then ink is applied to a special paper, making it a solid material. Heat and pressure is applied and causes the ink to change to gas form and injected deep into the fibres as it opens up to the heat. It is then cooled and it solidifies deep into the fibres and locks it in. This causes a much longer life to the image and also allows for printing to be done edge to edge of the fabric. 

DTG is an inking process that is coated to the top of the fabric. This is why the life is so much shorter to these garments printed in this process. 




 SR is the creative vision, imagined & spawned by the Joubert Sisters

Nicole M. Joubert (Sticky) Cindy A. Joubert-Kelly (Snidly) have parents who encouraged their strong creative minds & abilities to bloom into unique creative styles. Cindy being the darker of the two, Nicole colorful and lighthearted. They both have endeavors varying from illustrations, paintings, sculptures, and written works. Many of these have been published, contracted or printed.

Outside of SIB.BLING RIVALRY, Nicole's illustrative works is known as: NikkinoxArts  & Cindy: Dreaming Lizard Graphics.

The Sisters collaborated many times but ultimately worked separate. When they were young, they imagined lots, and felt one day they would have a popular T-shirt line like Chip & Pepper  (in the sense of, creative clothing team).

The sisters have made great progress since the 80s. Back then they were known as Joubert Wolf WearAt this time they painted clothing for local entertainers (Exotic Dancers & Band Members) with acrylic paints.

Through the years the Sisters continue to refined their talents & grow, learning from each other.


The Sister's Mission is:

To have a large line of quality clothing that is both creative & limited with a steady rotation of newer designs. Each item will list for a short time then retire. Your unique article of clothing will not be mass-produced such as a box store product. These beautiful designs are both wearable & collectible pieces of art.

SR will keep creating exciting, unique designs, alongside those in demand. These epic designs are derived from the girls own passions, which in turn touch fellow hobbyists.