Tattoo Style Clothing

Tattoo Style Clothing

What gets our creative juices flowing at Sib.Bling Rivalry Design? Honestly, almost anything can trigger an idea for either one of us. And what I feel is great is the fact that I now have a business that I dreamed of running since my sister and I were kids. Over the years we had multiple creative ideas but none held our attention for long. And believe me, when both creative sisters are prone to dyslexia and having a seriously short attention span (to the point we both should have been tested for ADD to confirm it) it is a MONSTER feat for us to launch a real business.

But Nicole and I knew we found our calling when we started designing cool shirts for men and finding a grunge style that spoke to us. The more we worked on clothes with skulls and creating a tattoo style clothing, we knew we would never get bored making this kind of product.

I love how our projects start with simple doodles of things like skull art 


Sketch of Smoking moon skull by Cindy A Joubert-Kelly 


I love making tattoo inspired apparel for men and women. I think there is a huge arena for many to create their designs.

Finished inking of smoking moon design by Cindy A Joubert-Kelly