Why The Love For Stickers?

Why The Love For Stickers?

What is so magical about stickers? Stickers have become a popular way to express ourselves in many ways. From trendy designs to custom messages, stickers have gained popularity amongst people of all ages. I remember as a kid my sister and I collecting them in the 70’s & 80’s and we had a small collection. I seem to remember my sister having more than I did but we would get such joy out of them. She had binders full of cute little colourful designs and her collection expanded even more when they started adding sent to them. And if we could score a really disgusting smelling one that would make our parents gag, we would be on the moon!

As Nicky and I got older our collecting habits switched to comics and D&D. As time went on and adult life took over, our thoughts got bogged down with adult crap. It wasn’t until I started up SR and started designing my products that I met a new workmate from my day job, who started insisting that I really needed to make stickers as part of our product lineup. I just rolled my eyes and thought, ya sure, I am trying to start a clothing line who the hell will want stickers from me? I felt that my market is no where near a sticker market. But she kept hounding me, so I figured I would check out what Sara was talking about and started doing my own market research. I was completely blown away by what I found. No longer were stickers these stinky, inky things that kids stuck in a binder! Hell no!! Those kids grew up and wanted COOL stickers now! Droves of fabulous tattoo artist would make batches of stickers and hand them out to their fans at tattoo conventions (Thanks to my friend I have a stack from the Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival ). Comic book artist now sell fabulous little images of their products so you now can stick your favourite character ANYWHERE. Many artist and YouTubers use this as a vehicle to promote their products and to make extra money from small up-sales in their shops. I stumbled on a few of my favourite YouTubers selling killer merchandise and apparel this way. Graffiti artist’s Kiptoe and TenHundred have amazing stickers that you should check out. Stickers are great as we can express ourselves without words to let other know what our favourite movies, comic book or artists are. We can personalize our laptops, water bottles, books, vehicles, whatever you want!

What a great way to share a hobby with others who appreciate the same things as you.

I am delighted that I now can bring a lot of my ink doodles and other designs to a medium that is affordable for my clients and customers. I know what its like to have a favourite artist and REALLY want to own a piece of their art but can’t afford a print at that moment. So this is where stickers are a great way for us to ‘own’ a piece of their creativity.


I hope the sticker designs Nicky and I bring to you give you as much joy as it does for us to make. Keep looking in both our shops for new designs as we will always be bringing new stuff and fazing out others.

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Stay Gold my friends. Be good to each other.


Cindy A Joubert-Kelly