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I have been freelancing as an artist since 1988 and started a client base back then when I still was in High School. I was doing illustrations on many of my school mates jean jackets and leather clothing. I quickly expanded to having clients in the local music and entertainment industry. I was doing contracts for the entertainers' stage clothes and equipment. Eventually, I added photography to my skill set and fumbled horribly along with my aunt's old film SLR camera. I wasted hundreds of rolls of film until the age of digital photography arrived, giving me the freedom to snap as many photos as I could and start to understand ISO and f-Stop. 
When I was 17, I asked my parents if I could go to one of the Catholic High schools because I heard they had an amazing art department. Mom and Dad let me chose the school, but even back then I found myself pushing boundaries and being taken aside by the teachers or principal to let me know that my artwork was ‘inappropriate’. That was when I discovered a part of my 'fuel'. I loved that feeling I felt when I got under someone's skin. It was also then, that I discovered how much I enjoyed illustrating strong female characters. In the 1980s most of the art in the fantasy and Sci-Fi portrayed women as the weaker sex. To have these scantily clad women in a position of power and confidence, seemed to make some conservative people uncomfortable. 
Over the years I have had the pleasure to have my work printed in a verity of items such as teachers manuals, writing anthologies, travel brochures, book covers, and fantasy magazines. I have designed business logos, tattoos, and advertisements. The present projects I am involved in at the moment are The Paladin Sequence. A 13 book series of an elite team of exorcists' dealing with a world on the brink of apocalypse. (It is a blend of Supernatural, the TV show, and the Hell Blazer comics -What the movie Constantine was made from-). 
A Perfect Circle. This is a graphic novel that takes place in a futuristic Calgary of a serial killer targeting women in a city already deep in the growing pains from sharing the planet with other alien races and the struggles of a newly manufactured drug that is rampant in the city slums.
I am also in the process of opening an art supplies store called Empire Art Supplies, which will have useful tutorials and links for other new emerging artists. 
If you are interested in purchasing traditional original art from Dreaming Lizard Graphics, click on the link below to my shop and feel free to look around.
                              Keep your head up and Never Stop Dreaming! 
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